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The Understanding Tomorrow Nuclear Energy Lecture Series, organized by Purdue University and Duke Energy, Richard K. Lester, Professor of the Japan Steel Industry and Associate Provost at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is partnering with Purdue Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series. -5 p.m. ET on November 30 at Fowler Hall at the Stewart Center and via livestream.

Lester will present “Tough Tech for Climate: Innovation Challenges, University Responsibilities and Some Comments on the Nuclear Role.” Their talk will be followed by a panel discussion with Lefteri Tsouklas, professor and former head of the School of Nuclear Engineering, and Morgan Smith, senior in the School of Nuclear Engineering, chair of the Purdue chapter of Women in Nuclear Engineering and vice president of Purdue. Chapter of the American Nuclear Society.

Lester’s lecture will focus on how to effectively respond to the global climate challenge will require the rapid deployment of tools and technologies we now have, as well as the invention, development and deployment of tools and technologies. What are the special responsibilities of research universities in meeting the climate innovation challenge? This presentation will discuss the different ways for universities to engage in climate-related research, education and innovation, including the case for nuclear power technology.

As associate provost of MIT, Lester oversees international activities. He is the Japan Steel Industry Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and previously served as head of the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Lester’s research focuses on innovation, productivity and industrial competitiveness, and he is also known for his work on nuclear technology management and policy. He recently completed a term as Chair of the Board of the National Academies on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy, and he currently serves as Chair of the Advisory Council of the Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology, and Policy. We do.

The event will be livestreamed, and registration is required for both in-person and virtual attendance.

Save the date now for the next Understanding Tomorrow Nuclear Energy Lecture Series event, which will take place on January 18th from 3:30-4:30PM ET in Fowler Hall at the Stewart Center. The event will be attended by Kathryn Huff, assistant secretary in the US Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

Purdue and Duke Energy jointly exploring feasibility of harnessing advanced nuclear power To meet the long-term energy needs of the West Lafayette campus community. The study focused on whether electricity produced through small modular reactors (SMRs) could potentially fit Purdue’s energy needs. More information about the study and lecture series is available at

Beginning in 2018, the Purdue Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series is inviting world-renowned faculty and professionals to stimulate thought-provoking conversations and ideas with faculty and students about the grand challenges and opportunities in their fields. More information about the series is available at


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