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There was a common message that ran through the New England Patriots locker room after Sunday’s loss to the Las Vegas Raiders: “Stay united.”

Apparently, Trent Brown didn’t get that message.

Just one day after one of the most baffling losses in NFL history, the Browns took pictures on social media and liked a post promoting the Patriots’ eventual trade for Mack Jones from ESPN’s NFL page on Instagram.

The post included a quote from ESPN’s Bill Barnwell saying, “The Patriots should at least call (Tom) Brady’s people to ask if he wants to come back to New England to finish his career … They could also extend (Jimmy) Garoppolo. .”

is not great.

To be fair to the Browns, Jones certainly didn’t earn the right to keep his starting job without the Patriots bringing up the possibility of an upgrade. Sunday may have been the worst game of Jones’ career, both in individual performance and in the end result. The 24-year-old finished with 112 yards in the loss against Las Vegas on just 13 of 31 attempts en route to a 12.2 QBR.

To be fair to Jones, Brown was arguably as big a reason for his failure as anyone behind Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. No one on the Patriots was penalized more than Brown.


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