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There’s no better time to experiment with eyeshadow than December (AKA party season). Naturally, when I got hold of it A bold bow I was impressed with the Mac Cosmetics palette. It contains 6 strong colors from warm yellow to shimmering red and rich brown. Now, I’ll admit, as a soft glamor bronzer, these shades are a little out of my comfort zone, but as it turns out, the bright colors are a lot of fun to work with. I went for a sunset-inspired, siren-eyed smoky winged look, and surprisingly, the formula was so easy to work with that delivered a flawless blend.

In short, the Eye Love Surprises eyeshadow palette ticks all the boxes in my book. Good range of colors? you. Pigmented shadows? you. Favorite packaging? you. And a tip for my brown-eyed girls: trust me when I say that a shimmery red shade will complement your eyes the most…

rating: 10/10

Lian, Audience Development Manager, GLAMOUR

wave: bestseller

I fell in love with MAC’s Eye Love Surprises Eyeshadow Palette. With classic bronzes, browns and pinks that blend effortlessly together, it’s immediately apparent why these are top sellers. Packaged in a palette of the coolest Y2K-like circular bubble effects, the overall aesthetic makes for a nicer feel than your average eyeshadow palette.

Versatile yet everyday essentials, the soft nude shades make your everyday natural look easy, while the deep reddish brown and gold shades can easily be used to create a softer evening look.

I went for something in between, with a light peach tone that makes a good base before blending in pinks and browns around the edges and adding a touch of gold on top for a subtle glow. What immediately struck me was how pigmented the eyeshadows were, they also stayed put for hours after they were applied. A little goes a long way, which is what you really want when using soft shadows. I can honestly say that this is my new go-to palette, the best way to achieve a toned down smokey look.


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