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Nathan Apodaca, the TikTok star who went viral in 2020 for his skateboarding clip to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’, has been arrested for possession of cannabis.

TMZ reports that Apodaca was pulled over by Idaho State Police for driving after they spotted him driving with an expired license plate. When the officer approached the truck, he smelled marijuana.

The officer later said he noticed the food in the glove box when Apodaca was looking for his registration. The truck was then searched and officers say they found three packs of THC gum and a scraping tool with sticky residue.

Apodaca was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released on $600 bail, according to arrest records.

However, Apadaca recalled a different version of the event. talks to TMZHe said, “The officers failed to read me my Miranda rights during the arrest. At first, when the officers found the weed, they said they were just going to write a ticket. Then they found the gun and told me I was under arrest because I had a felony record and was not allowed to carry a firearm.

“However, I have no criminal record, which is what I told the officers. Even though I told them, I was arrested. I sat in jail for several hours before being told that they were making a huge mistake. Then they told me that I was only charged with weed and that I could be contacted.”

TMZ Idaho State Police have been referred for comment.

Elsewhere, the Center to Combat Digital Hate (CCDH) recently found that TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is “bombarding” teenagers with self-harm content and eating disorder content.


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