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Popular social media star Doggface was recently arrested at his residence in Idaho. The charges against him include Possession of pot and drug paraphernalia.

The TikTok star was driving a red car that was pulled over by state troopers. Not only did they find that the vehicle’s license plate was no longer valid, but they also found evidence of marijuana in the truck.

Eventually he admitted to possessing weed. Officers also found three packages of THC gum and marijuana cleaners. Although he was booked into jail, he was released the same day on $600 bail.


In an interview with TMZ, Doggface, also known as Nathan Apodaca, said that while cops were initially going to ticket him for possession of pot, when they noticed he had a gun, they charged him with a felony on the record. and added that he had no right to carry a weapon.

Apodaca further added that although he vehemently denies a criminal record, he was arrested by the police. Only later did it become known that the authorities arrested him on charges of weed possession.

Who is Doggface and why is he popular?

Doggface is known for his frequent appearances on social networks. She also gained recognition in the music video for Klypso’s single titled low rider.

The song featured Snoop Dogg along with George Lopez, Cheech & Chong, Princess Love and Dr. Miami. It was filmed in four days and most of the filming was done at Snoop Dogg’s residence.

The song became a big hit on online platforms. The profits were split equally between everyone with Snoop Dogg taking in around $100,000.

Doggface had a successful career

Nathan is popular for his videos on social media platforms (Image via doggface208/Instagram)
Nathan is popular for his videos on social media platforms (Image via doggface208/Instagram)

Born on October 24, 1982, Nathan Apodaca grew up in the United States and joined potato processing company Circle Valley Produce in 2000. He worked at the site for 13 years and although he later joined the fire department, he returned to his post. Original work after the Covid-19 pandemic.

She became a social media star after she shared a video where she was seen dancing to the single Stand up. The video was released in 2019 and contributed greatly to the growth of followers on his social media accounts.

Back in September 2020, while on his way to work one day, he made another video of himself performing the single, dreams. It had about 10,000 views in an hour. He then started a franchise of t-shirts and sweatshirts, which are currently available on the web store, Doggface Merch.

Another of his popular videos shows him skateboarding down the highway with a juice bottle while wearing a black face mask. He also recently appeared in the popular FX series, Reserve dogs.

He has two daughters – Angelia and Makila. However, the identity of their mother is a mystery.


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