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The perfect pair for long car rides or time spent at the race track.

RUF Automobile prides itself on creating a truly unique driving experience in its line of modified Porsche chassis, perfectly balancing performance and comfort features. Operating as a well-rounded luxury brand, the automotive specialist also collaborates with companies and industries to further diversify its lifestyle portfolio. After working on exclusive releases with Highsnobiety and TAG Heuer, RUF is back to showcase his talents in the fashion world with denim professionals at MAC Jeans.

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The new MAC Ultimate Drivers Pants are a limited edition release from RUF Automobile x MAC Jeans that combine talent to create the perfect pair of automotive inspired jeans. Made from high-quality stretch denim with stretch, the Ultimate Drivers Pants feature a modern fit that’s comfortable in the shop or behind the wheel. The dynamic duo also incorporate little hidden features like the RUF car silhouette stitched above the right side pocket. Available in a variety of sizes, the Ultimate Drivers Pants from RUF Automobile x MAC Jeans can be purchased for $235 by clicking the link below.

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