Stylish design, personalized content, with LG’s famous DUAL Inverter.
Air conditioning in the new apartment creates a luxurious and comfortable living environment

Seoul, South Korea, December 16, 2022 /CNW/ – LG Electronics (LG) is ready to unveil its latest ARTCOOL Gallery air conditioner at CES 2023. With a 27-inch LCD screen and many LG upgradeable options, this new model can be tuned to any season or display personalized content that can be instantly updated. Room using the LG ThinQ app. It also provides energy-efficient cooling and heating using LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor and 3-way indirect airflow for more hygienic performance with AI Dryand offers a variety of user-friendly features, including an intuitive mobile app.

Presenting exclusive content on a bright LCD screen surrounded by a simple yet sophisticated bezel, the ARTCOOL Gallery makes you feel like you’re looking at a framed piece of art rather than an advanced LG air conditioner. With the ThinQ app, users can choose from an ever-growing collection of beautiful, still and animated photos, or choose their favorite family photos, and display something new whenever they want a change. The new model can be easily controlled using a smart remote or mobile app1 It allows users to select settings and functions and monitor device status in real-time from anywhere.

Equipped with the company’s DUAL Inverter compressor, the new ARTCOOL Gallery provides energy-efficient cooling, consuming up to 70 percent less energy than conventional residential air conditioners.2 The new 3-way airflow design provides indirect airflow that matches the space. LG’s latest ARTCOOL gallery operates at a noise level of up to 20 decibels, closes its “hidden” bottom fan so as not to disturb users’ rest, and helps create a comfortable and peaceful environment. .3

In addition, thanks to LG’s AI Dry function, the amazing ARTCOOL gallery creates fresh air flow. By automatically adjusting the optimal drying time based on usage time and mode selection, AI Dry effectively removes moisture that has formed inside the air conditioner. In addition, the new model has a lower grill that can be easily removed and cleaned 4 and covers to help ease assembly.

“Offering stunning performance and artistic themes to suit all tastes and seasons, our latest ARTCOOL Gallery range of air conditioners delivers year-round comfort and elegance.” Liu Jae Cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution. “LG’s innovative new Air solutions are designed to help consumers live better at home with a unique combination of personalized content and the latest technology.”

Visitors to the LG booth (#15501, Las Vegas Convention Center) at CES 2023 January 5-8 All the latest updates from the company including the new air conditioner can be seen at the ARTCOOL Gallery.

1 Currently only compatible with Android based devices.

2 Based on TÜV Rheinland testing performed in accordance with LG’s internal test method comparing cooling time and power consumption. The test was conducted in a 69-meter chamber3 (4.3 x 7.0 x 2.3m) at 33°Co LG air conditioner with DUAL Inverter compressor (model US-Q242Kxy0, US-Q122Jxy0) and LG air conditioner with constant speed compressor (model TS-H2465DA0, TS-H122TDA) at a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 60 percent C.o C. Energy efficiency is measured by comparing the energy consumption of the two models during 8 hours of operation.

3 LG’s in-house lab tested the product’s average noise level in “Sleep Mode” (19.6 decibels). The result
may vary depending on actual usage environment.

4 After removing the lower grille, users can access and clean the fan of the ARTCOOL Gallery air conditioner.

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