Mack Jones says he had to tackle Chandler Jones on game-winning TD: ‘It’s my fault’ | Jobs Vox


LAS VEGAS – It ended up being a bug-meets-windshield situation.

After Chandler Jones fielded an error by Jacoby Meyers, only Mack Jones stood between him and a walk-off hit. The 260-pound defensive end steamrolled the 215-pound quarterback and paved the way for the improbable victory.

While few expected the quarterback to drop the defensive end after the 30-24 loss, Mack Jones said it was meant to be.

“I’ve got to deal with the guy. It’s on me. It’s my fault,” Mack Jones said. “Because if I deal with him, then we’re going to overtime. So it’s on me. It’s got to be done. It’s not good enough for me. So it It is what it is. I just have to fight it and play for overtime. So it’s on me.”

Chandler Jones, on the other hand, didn’t expect much resistance. He said his biggest concern was tripping the quarterback after he ran.

“Man, he was sitting there with big eyes,” Chandler Jones said. “I think he was surprised that he didn’t catch the ball, then he saw me sitting under the ball and said: “What should I do?” And I just gave him a little stiffy.

“When I grabbed him so hard, I thought I was going to hit him,” he said. “When I stepped on him, he seemed to be lying on his back. I look around. I did not see anyone around. So I just said, “Let me touch that.” The rest was history.”

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