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As most people see, the best OLED TVs are the best TVs you can buy. They feature gorgeous blacks, near-infinite contrast ratios, ultra-low input lag, fast response times, and excellent color saturation—all factors that contribute to an out-of-this-world viewing experience. The new panels inside them are brighter than ever and have a slight edge over traditional LED versions. OLED models are quickly taking over our list of best TVs.

Although OLED TVs are a bit more expensive and prone to burn-in, they’re great for watching and playing anything. Whether you’re a movie buff, a TV enthusiast, or just want a TV for gaming, the best OLED TVs will give you an experience you’ll never forget.

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The best OLED TV

Brighter and better than before

Editor’s Choice

The LG G1 is the successor to the successful GX OLED in 2020, and this new model takes things to a whole new level of brilliance. It enjoys the same impressive contrast ratio and color saturation as its predecessor, but LG claims the new Evo panel is 20% brighter. This makes this OLED TV more powerful with HDR content and more enjoyable to watch in bright rooms.

Like all OLED TVs, the G1 is great for gaming, with high refresh rates, low response times, and low input lag, making it a great TV for fast-paced single-player gaming as well as competitive online gaming.

It’s fully equipped with the latest smart gadgets, as well as LG’s voice control system, so you can change channels, adjust the volume or perform many other smart functions without moving a muscle. And with LG’s new a9 Gen 4 AI-enhanced processor, it upscales old 1080p and SD content to 4K, letting you watch your favorite old shows and movies like never before.

One of the nice things about the LG G1 is its ability to mount it on your wall. It appears close to a frame hanging in an art gallery, which represents the letter “G” in his name. LG includes a slim wall mount in the box.

Cheapest OLED TVs (under $1,000)

Small but Mighty

LG may have some of the best OLED TVs out there, with several impressive G and C series TVs, but they also come at a budget price. In the world of OLED, “budget” is not cheap, but it’s certainly cheaper than a few years ago. The 2020 LG A1 is a great example of this, packing many of the great technologies that make LG’s best OLED TVs so impressive at such a low price.

At 48 inches, this A1 OLED TV isn’t huge, but it’s not tiny either, and the small screen real estate allows the 4K resolution and OLED contrast to really shine. It also benefits from a wide viewing angle, which is great for partying with friends, and low input lag means it’s a great TV for gaming.

The best OLED TVs over 80 inches

Worth the high price

You can get full OLED TVs by buying a huge model, which means it will be expensive, but not as much as it was a few years ago. Back then, you could spend $10,000+ to get a super-large OLED TV, but now you can get this amazing Sony A90J 83-inch OLED 4K TV for just $6,000. It’s not cheap, but considering a TV that looks even better than the LG G1, the best OLED TV you can buy, it’s a pretty good deal.

The OLED panel on this TV boasts an almost infinite contrast ratio and incredible black uniformity. It can also be very bright, so HDR content really pops and looks good without pulling all the curtains. With incredibly low input lag and variable refresh rates, HDMI 2.1 ports and high refresh rates, this TV is the perfect TV for gaming, no matter what you like to play.

The best OLED TV for gaming

Leading quality at an affordable price

Good rating

The LG C1 is LG’s latest flagship OLED model, the LG GX. It has all the high quality features like super high contrast ratio, amazing inky blacks, gorgeous colors and responsive input for gaming. It’s not quite as bright as the new LG G1, but it’s still a great-looking OLED TV, especially if you play in a dark room.

The wide viewing angle makes it a great TV for large rooms or large crowds, and the high refresh rate and ultra-low response time make it great for gaming. It fully supports Freesync, G-Sync and variable refresh rates, and has several HDMI 2.1 ports for connecting new generation consoles.

It’s basically the LG G1 without the same high brightness for almost half the price. That’s something to be happy about, and could make the LG C1 the best OLED TV you can buy for gaming today.

The best OLED TV

Great TV, not LG or Sony

In early 2022, manufacturers won’t have much choice when it comes to OLED TVs. Although European markets now have access to Philips and Panasonic OLED TVs, the US is dominated by offerings from LG and Sony. Vizio is looking to differentiate itself with its excellent H1 OLED TV.

In a variety of sizes, OLED’s first attempt knocks it out of the park with impressive features like impressive contrast ratios, infinitely deep blacks, fast response times, variable refresh rates, incredibly smooth motion support, and anti-vibration capabilities. from low frame rate sources.

Whether you want to play games, watch movies or watch your favorite TV shows, the Vizio H1 OLED is the perfect TV to do it and is a great alternative to Sony and LG’s options. However, it’s not the brightest, so you’ll want to watch it in a dark room with the lights off to get the most out of it.

The best OLED TV with built-in sound

Big, fancy, and cheaper

Sony’s A80J is almost as affordable as its A90J cousin. On top of that, enjoy the Sony Acoustic Surface’s impressive audio package, which allows the display to act as a formidable speaker on its own, producing great sound without any additional hardware. The cognitive processor XR chip also perfectly synchronizes the sound with the action on the screen, mixing 2D sound into 3D for a more immersive movie experience.

Serious audiophiles will want to connect this impressive OLED TV to a proper A/V system, but for those who don’t have a dedicated speaker system or don’t have the space, the Sony A80J sounds great. than the more expensive A90J with multiple accounts).

Other TV deals

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It might look like a piece of art on your wall, but it’s a TV. Samsung’s 85-inch TV is designed like a slim picture frame, and when not in use, artwork appears on the screen to complement your home decor. You can get it for $1,500.

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