Mack Jones gets trucked by Chandler Jones as Patriots beat Raiders in dumbest way | Jobs Vox


The New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders appeared to be heading to overtime on Sunday afternoon. The Patriots had the ball at their own 44-yard line with three seconds left and zero timeouts. The game ended in a draw at 24. Usually, the team would just kneel down and welcome overtime with open arms. The Patriots didn’t, and it led to a disaster of epic proportions that led to a Raiders win that will live on in the memory.

Mack Jones passed the ball to Ramondre Stevenson on the last play of the game. Stevenson broke through the line and got about 25 yards before throwing the ball to Jacoby Meyers in a last-ditch effort to break off a long touchdown.

Myers then thought it would be a good idea to throw the ball back to Jones, who was standing at the line of scrimmage watching the whole thing. Raiders DE Chandler Jones took to the air, intercepted a pass and ran over Jones before taking it to the house for the game-winning TD as time expired.

It is absolutely unbelievable. This might be the most incredible way a team manages to win a football game we’ll ever see.

What a disaster from the Patriots.


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