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by Melvin Mathew

Students say that there will be an increase of 15 thousand rupees in fees in two years, they will be forced to leave their studies.

Engineering and architecture students of government and aided colleges are protesting against the sudden fee hike. Students’ body claims fee has been hiked by Rs 15,000 in last two years adso,

Lakhs of students, especially students from economically backward classes, are angry with the decision to hike fees. College of Engineering, Students are being threatened that if they are left with no option, they will leave the college.

General’s fees as compared to last year Ability The seats have been increased by Rs 5,000. in fee structure, issued by Karnataka Examination Authority The fees for 2022-2023 has been increased from Rs 33,810 in 2021-2022 to Rs 38,200. Additionally, the supernumerary quota (SNQ), SC/ST (above Rs 10 lakh), and CAT-1 (income below Rs 2.5 lakh) categories have also got an increase of around Rs 4,000. From this year all the three categories will have to pay Rs 21,700.

Even unaided colleges will see a significant increase in fees. The fees under GM will be increased by Rs 8,000, in Cat-I by around Rs 7,000 and in SNQ by around Rs 3,000.

A second-year electrical engineering student told BM that two years ago the fee was Rs 19,000. “My parents are farmers Raichur And they are barely able to pay my fees.

This sudden increase of Rs 5,000 is not affordable for students from middle-class families. If the fees are increased year after year, then the students of the villages will stop coming to the government colleges. Students who leave their studies midway will be forced to work as daily wages. Left with no option, we will be forced to move out,” he said.

The students say that they have no plans to take educational loans to study in government colleges.

If the fees keep increasing like this year after year, then it will become difficult to study in the college. If the fees start coming close to private colleges, what is the difference?

First year computer science student

Another student said that three years back the college fee was around Rs 23,000 and now it is Rs 38,200. “If fees are increased like this year after year, it will become difficult to go to college. If the fees start coming close to private colleges, what is the difference? Besides, we are not getting SST scholarship properly,” said the first year computer science student.

Adso plans to hold a protest at Freedom Park on 22 December.

On fee hike apoorva AIDSO said, ‘Fee is being increased continuously in government colleges. In the past, fee hikes were implemented by seeking the views of students or announcing them publicly. However, this time this step was also postponed. We are calling it an undemocratic move and will oppose it.


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