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Posted on December 16, 2022

Hanging artwork above wall art by Wendy Sharp at MAC yapang.jpg

Given the freedom to paint directly on the walls of the Museum of Arts and Culture, yapang inspired a truly out-of-this-world creation from one of Australia’s most celebrated artists.

Archibald Prize winner and eight-time finalist Wendy Sharp spent the past week creating the MAC yapang gallery. Dance to the music of timeWith dozens of his striking and colorful works on display.

“I’ve taken over 20 years of work and they’re in continuous installations where they look like one piece,” Sharp said.

“There is absolutely no specific story in it; It’s up to you to create your own.”

The exhibition features temporary paintings that Sharp has applied directly to the gallery walls, from ceiling-to-floor splashes of blue to abstract depictions of the sculpture garden outside MAC yapang.

Sharp said the opportunity to paint the gallery walls is a unique experience — not just for the visitors, but for him as an artist.

“It’s a one-off,” he said.

“Being in a museum like this allows me to do special things like create these interesting experiences, not just display individual pieces for someone to buy.”

“It also allows me to do very creative and imaginative things that only an art museum would allow me to do.

MAC Yapang Curator Courtney Wagner said it was exciting to have such a respected artist appear during the “blockbuster” summer season.

“The exhibition will be accessible to more visitors during the holidays, which is very important given the ephemeral nature of the show,” he said.

The exhibition opens on Friday evening with Affection: Women’s Art of Papunya Tula, an exhibition of 50 Aboriginal works by women artists from Central Australia’s Papunya Tula Art Centre.

Both exhibitions are open until January 29. Sharp will take part in a conversation about his work and career on Saturday at a free event at the MAP yapang gallery from 11am.

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