It includes the best smart technology in a slide-out, double-wall oven and a wide range of microwaves for convenient, multi-functional cooking.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ, December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Electronics (LG) is taking holiday entertaining to the next level with smart kitchen gadgets that make cooking easy, intuitive and fun for more people. with ThinQ® Recipe and ThinQ® works with Care to deliver a seamless cooking experience available for purchaseWith easy-to-follow recipes and contextual reports on product use and maintenance, home cooks can find peace of mind by simplifying their cooking routine this holiday season.

Easily accessible through the ThinQ® app, LG ThinQ® Recipes offers a seamless journey that allows everyone to search, plan, buy and cook thousands of easy-to-follow recipes from talented creators.

Easily accessible through the ThinQ® app, LG ThinQ® Recipes offers a seamless journey that allows everyone to search, plan, buy and cook thousands of easy-to-follow recipes from talented creators.

Incorporating the brand’s core cooking technology, LG’s range of slide-in ovens, wall ovens and microwave ovens are integrated with the ThinQ Recipe feature, providing over 18,000 interactive smart recipes and over 10,000 shoppable recipes.1 Powered by SideChef, LG ThinQ® Recipe brings together all LG smart kitchen services and content in one place, providing a more complete and convenient home cooking experience. Easily accessible through the ThinQ® app, LG ThinQ® Recipes offers a seamless journey that allows everyone to search, plan, buy and cook thousands of easy-to-follow recipes from talented creators.

“We pride ourselves on using technology to make everyday tasks around the home smoother and more convenient. The kitchen is at the heart of the home, so introducing innovations like ThinQ® to enhance the cooking experience has always been a top priority for us.” Alice Baker, director, product management. “We’re constantly improving our capabilities based on user experience, and with our latest ThinQ® offering, home cooks will enjoy double the benefits of LG cookware.”

LG InstaView® gas double oven with grill
A double oven gas range is essential for holiday cooking. It has a total capacity of 6.9 cubic meters. ft., this elegant slide-in range offers LG’s largest gas oven capacity. Additionally, with two ovens, users have all the space they need to cook for multiple people using different temperatures at the same time.

In addition to capacity, the range includes multi-functional cooking modes such as ProBake Convection™, which ensures even results on every tray.2 Inspired by professional design frames, the series’ powerful dual-speed fan distributes superheated air evenly, reducing hot and cold spots for perfect mealtimes that never disappoint. For juicy, tender meats, poultry, and fish, try Air Sous Vide for consistent flavor. With the built-in Air Fry, eliminate unnecessary accessories and serve crispy favorites like wings and fries without the need for preheating. Knock on the window twice and look inside the oven.

Double wall oven combined with LG Wi-Fi
Get more flexibility and convenience in cooking with it LG double-wall oven – uniform convection at the speed of microwaves. Cook four times faster3 without preheating using LG TurboCook™ uses fast-acting Infrared Heating™ to quickly heat up the oven for oven-quality results every hour. In addition, it can be used as a regular microwave oven. In the lower oven, True Convection delivers continuous, precise heat for even roasting and crisping on every tray, while steaming cooks and locks in moisture for a perfect golden brown. Now you don’t have to worry about post-holiday cooking cleanup LG’s EasyClean® helps keep the oven interior looking like new with the fastest available 10-minute function.4 Just spray the inside with water and press EasyCleanPress the ® button and let the oven do its job without chemicals or high heat, then wipe down the surface to finish.

LG Wide Range Convection Microwave Oven with Air Fryer
Save space with this stylish, all-in-one microwave that lets you crisp, bake, roast, and air-fry while giving your kitchen a clean, modern aesthetic thanks to its sleek, seamless design. Take the guesswork out of cooking with LG ThinQ’s Scan-took feature. Just scan the barcode5 With the ThinQ® app, you can remotely adjust cooking times and power levels, starting with the selection of ready-to-eat meals. For smarter use, users can sync their microwave oven with LG appliances or pans to automatically turn on microwave ventilation and lights when the oven is in use for even cooking.

Connect with ThinQ Care and get peace of mind
Preparing your home for the holidays can be a busy and distracting time, but with LG’s ThinQ® Care, homeowners can rest easy knowing their appliances are running smoothly. Now, within the LG ThinQ® app, users can receive notifications about usage, maintenance and early diagnosis on their smartphones. ThinQ® Care helps homeowners understand the needs of their appliances, avoid potential problems, and help LG appliances perform at their best.

Each of LG’s cooking innovations is made with PrintProof™ fingerprint-resistant, smudge-resistant glossy stainless steel. For more information on LG’s full range of cooking options, visit

1 The LG ThinQ Recipe app will be available for models that feature scanning while cooking. Services and features may vary by model or region. LG ThinQ Recipe will also be available on previous WiFi models.
2 Compared to a regular LG oven.
3 Based on internal LG testing compared to regular LG ovens. Results may vary depending on the type of food being cooked and other details involved in the cooking process.
4 Additional manual effort or use of the full self-cleaning feature may be required for large deposits.
5 Participating products vary. For more information, visit the ThinQ app.

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