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Tufts University school of engineering Graduate school should be the first choice of every aspiring engineer. From a variety of engineering programs, state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities to participate in high-impact research with a personalized curriculum, those looking to advance their careers will find everything they need to achieve their professional goals.

Engineers with a Tufts education are trained to be at the forefront of innovation to be an engine for good and create solutions that matter in today’s world. Notable contributions by alumni include Improving Offshore Wind Turbines, Production of sustainable foods of the future, Developing a pulse oximeter that works well on patients with dark skin And Targeting gene therapy directly to the lungs,

Tufts School of Engineering offers graduate programs that challenge the traditional boundaries of academic disciplines, research, and the role of engineers in our increasingly interconnected global community. Students can choose a flexible undergraduate degree under six departments, namely biomedical Engineering, chemical and biological engineering, Urban and Environmental Engineering, computer science, Electrical and Computer Engineering And mechanical Engineeringand at Tufts Gordon Institute,

MS programs offered at Tufts include Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber ​​Security and Public Policy, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Human Factors Engineering, Human-Robot Interaction, innovation and inclusion. Management, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Offshore Wind Energy Engineering and Software Systems Development.

An education at Tufts School of Engineering will take you on a transformational journey. Take graduate student Akshita Rao, for example. With a passion for building things that advance human health, he majored in mechanical and biomedical engineering at Tufts University and eventually decided to pursue that. MS in Bioengineering,

as a member of Timco Lab, she studied Biomaterials and Bioelectronics. his research focused on the development “Heart on a Chip” TechnologyThis allows scientists to observe cell behavior under varying nutrient and oxygen levels – conditions similar to those present during cardiac arrest.

“What excites me about this field is that there are so many different avenues to conduct research – both in academia and in industry. There are many companies and laboratories currently working to screen the human body for disease and to improve human health. creating smart materials and tools to advance

Rao isn’t the only graduate who has found success and influence in her passion. Caleb Weinstein-Jenner is making waves with his offshore wind power engineering Graduate degree. ,When I heard about the Tufts Offshore Wind Research Program, I immediately fell in love with it. Just all the ways one could contribute, and all the architecture of it – it’s really architecture in a way – was absolutely mind-blowing. I saw this as an opportunity to make a positive difference.”

He hopes to develop a common language to bridge the communication gap between economists and power system engineers on the topic of offshore wind energy. ,With respect to offshore wind power, it’s a roadblock right now because different groups are talking about offshore wind integration from different perspectives,” he says. “Economists are talking about power grids purely on a cost basis. Thinking, and power system engineers are looking into issues like power outages. I want to help bridge that communication gap. ,

The first of its kind in the US, the offshore wind energy engineering program has placed nearly 100% of its alumni in jobs related to offshore wind energy and has gathered a thriving research community of more than 20 faculty members, PhD students and post- Is. Doctoral Researcher. can be attributed World Class Training in Wind PolicyThe technology application and project management skills that students will acquire prepare them for jobs in global industry, academia and the public sector.

Tufts University

The first of its kind in the US, the offshore wind energy engineering program has placed close to 100% of its alumni in jobs related to offshore wind energy engineering. Source: Tufts University

Top-notch facilities, high teaching standards and close mentoring are at the core of the University. School of Engineering combined with entrepreneurial training from Tufts Gordon InstituteStudents receive the practical leadership tools necessary to develop critical, innovative ideas.

Working with passionate faculty, students are inspired to do more. McDonnell Family Assistant Professor of Engineering Education Grace Perez A prime example of a coach who is deeply engaged in his work. Drawing on her experiences as a woman of color in STEM, she encourages discussion of how factors such as language, culture, and race shape what it means to be an engineer.

“If we look at language, culture, race and ethnicity in relation to becoming an engineer and we re-imagine what are the ways of knowing and speaking in engineering, we can begin to rethink how we teach and learn. are — and open themselves up to new concepts, designs, and ideas about who an engineer can be, says Perez.

Those looking to fast-track their studies while saving on tuition may also opt for the university’s dual degree master’s program. This program offered by Tufts Gordon Institute allows students to earn two degrees in two years – a MS Innovation and Management (MSIM) and offered by one of the six academic departments within the School of Engineering, the M.S. The program is meant to build technical depth while developing innovation, leadership and management skills.

When you choose Tufts School of Engineering, you are choosing a world-class institution that will prepare you to be a valuable contributor to society through leadership, management, and technical knowledge skills.

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