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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LG Ads Solutions, a connected TV and cross-screen advertising service, today announced the global rollout of its proprietary Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to LG TVs. The launch will replace legacy technology and bring the new ACR solution to millions of smart TVs across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Australia.

As of September, LG Ads Solutions will be the exclusive global distribution provider for all LG CTV inventory and data. This program covers 27 countries in America, Europe, Africa and Australia. ACR, powered by LG Ads Solutions, is already live on LG smart TVs in the US

CEO Raghu Kodige said, “This launch of ACR marks the next major phase of our global CTV advertising business with LG Ads Solutions. Brands on four continents will reach cord-cutters and flat-screen viewers who have migrated to OTT services, and the growing number of traditional linear TV services. “This is a critical moment in the growing need to understand reach. Now with LG Ads Solutions, global brands can plan, activate and measure CTV ads using industry-leading ACR data to ensure campaign success.”

Chris Jo, Senior Vice President, Platform Business, LG Electronics Home Entertainment said, “Since the launch of LG Ads Solutions, the team has created tremendous momentum for the business globally. This ACR presentation brings the best in advertising to brands and agencies around the world. Another great milestone that demonstrates their passion, commitment and commitment to delivering solutions.”

Compliant with all consumer data privacy regulations, ACR’s globally and regionally compliant data helps to anonymously understand which TV ads are aired, not aired, and how many times a household is shown. For brands, this means they can increase frequency levels in low-exposed households, increase frequency caps in over-exposed households, conquer households exposed to competitors’ ads, and more. More importantly, it informs brands and agencies which households are completely missing out due to phone outages.

The information may be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising. For example, two cases where an ad can determine whether an ad attracted viewers to a particular TV show or movie, or whether it led to a download or subscription to an OTT app or service.

LG Ads Solutions is already powering CTV campaigns in more than 40 countries around the world. Brands in any country participating in the ACR broadcast program can now work directly with LG Ads Solutions to gain a detailed understanding of TV viewership in their country to precisely define audience segments and optimize ad reach, frequency and effectiveness. linear and streaming television.

About LG ad solutions

LG Ads Solutions is a leading TV and cross-screen advertising service, helping brands maximize return on ad spend in a fragmented TV environment that is difficult to replicate at optimal frequency. The company is dedicated to bringing LG’s premium home entertainment products to consumers around the world, leveraging TV audience big data and video artificial intelligence to connect brands with all-screen audiences and understand business outcomes. We’re growing fast worldwide and we’re hiring! Contact us at [email protected].


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