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  • The first open booth in the mobile exhibition hall
  • 3D touch module, display assembly… Metaverse-related products also debut
  • “We will be a company that innovates the customer experience,” said CEO Cheol-dong Jeon.

Seoul, South Korea, December 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LG Innotek (CEO Cheol-dong Jeon) announced that it will present its first open booth at the ‘Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023’ on the 19th, showcasing new products related to electric vehicle electric components and autonomous driving. cars in droves.

CES is the world’s largest IT and home appliance trade show Las Vegas, United States, every January. It is known as the “competitive arena” for new technologies, where the world’s innovative enterprises and startups come together to produce innovative products.

LG Innotek participated in CES as a private exhibition where only customers were invited to present their products. This is the first time that the public is participating in the exhibition by opening a booth.

Through this CES exhibition, LG Innotek plans to secure its position in the global market as a “comprehensive solution for future vehicles” including electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars.

At CES 2023, LG Innotek plans to introduce new products related to electric cars and self-driving cars that use new generation innovation technology under the concept of “Where Innovation Begins”.

With the active participation of the world’s automotive companies, the business of mobility became the main theme of the recent CES. To keep pace with this trend, LG Innotek also brought electrical components as the main feature of this exhibition. This is the reason for the opening of the first open booth in the West Hall, the automotive and mobility technology exhibition hall. Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC).

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) cameras, in-cabin cameras, radar and sensor integration solutions, LiDAR solutions, autonomous driving electric components that are expected to increase in demand while improving the level of self-driving, such as 5G – Optimizing the stability of vehicle and smartphone connectivity built-in WiFi combo module.

In addition, the main components of electric vehicles, such as the DC-DC converter of electric vehicles and the electric vehicle communication controller (EVCC) for charging electric vehicles, occupy a significant part of this exhibition. In particular, LG Innotek’s self-developed wireless battery management system (Wireless BMS) for lighting electrical components was presented for the first time at CES.

New products related to the metaverse developed by LG Innotek based on high-performance optical component technology, such as 3D sensor modules and display assemblies necessary for the implementation of augmented reality (XR), are also noteworthy.

LG Innotek focuses on exhibiting semiconductor substrate products that lead the global market in terms of technological competitiveness.

In addition to antenna-in-package (AiP) and radio-frequency system (RF-SiP) substrates, which have been evaluated as necessary components for 5G connectivity, the flip-chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) announced its new version earlier this year, and the entry was also introduced in this CES. CES is expected to play an important role in attracting new client companies.

In addition, attention should be paid to environmentally friendly energy solutions such as solar hybrid inverters, DC-DC converters for energy storage systems, and energy products for electric vehicles. With these products, eco-friendliness can be directly applied to everyday life, reflecting LG Innotek’s philosophy of pursuing “innovation that not only renews the world, but also benefits it.”

At the same time, LG Innotek plans to open an online showroom on its homepage ( at the opening of CES 2023, which is a complete copy of the CES offline booth. Equipped with various information such as not only a detailed presentation of the exhibition, but also a sketch of the exhibition area, visitors to the exhibition hall can experience the real and exciting feeling of visiting an offline booth. In addition, LG Innotek’s virtual press office ( has opened on the official homepage of CES.

QR codes were placed at several points on the counter so that visitors could easily see the detailed specifications and features of each product. LG Innotek is implementing a strategy to increase the effectiveness of hybrid exhibitions and improve customer value by providing a variety of content for online and offline connections.

Under the motto of ‘Innovative technological development that unlocks a more convenient and secure future,’ LG Innotek continues to grow as a leading company in the global materials and components market,” said CEO Cheol-dong Jeon. “This CES is a great opportunity for us to be a company that innovates the consumer experience, where we will be presenting the next generation of innovative technology to the public for the first time,” he continued.ence.”

About LG Innotek Co.,Ltd.

LG Innotek is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art materials and components and is part of the LG Group. The company’s business units include core components for mobile phones, automotive, displays, semiconductors, and IoT products. Furthermore, the company works closely with mobile device, home appliance, and automotive companies to produce camera modules, automotive electronic components, wireless communication modules, and substrate materials.

LG Innotek has headquarters Korea, Seoul and its sales subsidiaries are located Germany, USAMainland China, Japanand Taiwan with manufacturing subsidiaries in mainland China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexicoand Poland. For more information, please visit


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