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Despite the anticipated delay in the process, I Heart Mac & Cheese Still plans to make its Colorado Springs debut in late winter/early spring 2023 at the mall. 12229 Voyager Pkwy.

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It was first reported in QSR Magazine in November that franchisee Kerry Mundy plans to open two new stores in Colorado Springs next year, making a total of five in the greater Colorado area. From an upcoming restaurant to a potential expansion with relatives in Pueblo, it was family that got Mandy to sign on to open fast-casual restaurants.

“From a family that puts family first, the I Heart Mac and Cheese family has always exemplified those values,” Mand told What Now. “They were very open and welcoming. I spent a lot of my family’s time getting to know their families.”

The restaurant’s fast-paced yet customizable, made-to-order comfort food has roots deep in the South—specifically Boca Raton, Florida. Established in 2016 with a franchise concept that extends a communal, comfortable feel to all types of eaters, I Heart Mac & Cheese has branched out across the country in a very short time. Through a loyal customer base, an ambitious franchise vision and a low-cost barrier to entry, the fast-casual eatery inked 47 new franchise deals in 2021 and will expand to 10 additional states in 2022.

“It’s always exciting for us when we open the first I Heart Mac & Cheese in a franchisee’s state,” CEO and Chairman Steve Giordanella told QSR. “We love the fact that more people have tried I Heart Mac & Cheese in more states. Our food is for everyone, from those who want comfort food, to vegans and keto dieters, and everything in between.”

Not only does this menu include several versions of the eponymous mac and cheese (the original, buffalo chicken, lobster truffle, short rib) that can be customized to suit dietary preferences, but it also extends to I Heart’s grilled cheese and tacos for those who prefer mac n’ s gives. Cheese wrapped in a tortilla.

Coming in the spring, the new Voyager I Heart Mac & Cheese seats 34, spread over 1,600 square feet of table and bar tops. The fast-casual eatery will be available for dine-in and pickup orders, and will likely team up with third-party partners to enable delivery.


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