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The most popular among equity investors in 2022 were thematic funds and sector funds. The increase in AUM is directly related to the stellar performance of the schemes in 2022. Data from ACE MF shows that among all equity schemes, thematic funds have topped the return charts. Thematic funds occupy the top 6 positions in the 2022 performance list.

On the entry front, sector/thematic category net AUM increased from Rs 1,46,129 in January to Rs 1,73,537 in November, 2022, an increase of 18% in 11 months. Over the past few months, the thematic/sector category has generated the highest returns among all equity schemes. For example, in November, the sectoral/thematic category posted inflows of Rs 1,379.68 crore while all other major equity categories saw outflows or marginal inflows.

This is a direct implication of the returns generated by these schemes. SBI PSU Fund, ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund, Aditya Birla SL PSU Equity Fund and other sector and thematic funds dominated the 2022 equity scheme universe. The theme of PSU is Enjoyed the space under the sun in 2022. PSU stocks have made huge gains this year and many mutual funds betting on PSU stocks have also made huge gains. If you want to know more about the performance of this scheme, you can read it here: SBI PSU Fund Top Equity Returns Charts 2022

The next scheme on the 2022 return charts is ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund with a YTD return of 32.89%. As the name suggests, the scheme is a sectoral fund for companies engaged in the infrastructure sector. Aditya Birla SL PSU Equity Fund is ranked third with 32.79% YTD returns. Check out the top 2022 productions and their earnings.

category Program name YTD
Theme fund SBI PSU Fund-Ridge (G) 34.50
Infrastructure ICICI Pru Infrastructure Fund (G) 32.89
Theme fund Aditya Birla SL PSU Equity Fund-Reg(G) 32.79
Theme fund Quant Quantamental Fund-Reg(G) 28.23
Theme fund Invesco India PSU Equity Fund (G) 25.10
Banks and financial services Nippon India Banking & Financial Services Fund (G) 23.41
Infrastructure HDFC Infrastructure Fund (G) 23.35
Banks and financial services LIC MF Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg(G) 22.63
Theme fund ICICI Pru India Op Fund (G) 22.37

Source: ACE MF

Mutual fund advisors and financial planners always maintain that theme and sector funds are riskier than conventional diversified equity schemes and retail investors should tread carefully. However, by 2022, mutual fund advisors say, new investors will be attracted to these schemes due to huge returns. Investors believe that they should not invest all their money in these schemes, but have a minimum allocation of 5-15% depending on the risk appetite. The reason for this is that the lack of diversification means that these plans are more prone to large losses in certain market conditions.


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