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Quant Mutual Funds is ending 2022 in style. Most of the programs are among the top three in their respective categories. I spoke to Shivani Bazaz of ETMTual Funds. Sandeep Tandon., CEO, Quant Mutual Fund, to find out the secret behind its impressive performance. She also asked him about future plans and prospects for mutual funds in 2023. From thematic and sector equity funds, Balanced Advantage Fund (BAF), gilt funds, duration funds, etc,” says Tandon.
Edited interview.

Quant Mutual Fund ended the year on a positive note: nine schemes were in the top three in each category. How was the year in your opinion?

The macro wind of the year was observed by us in May 2019. From 2020 to the present crisis, we have identified high temperatures and food prices, high interest rates and very high inflation. The year was marked by several opportunities amid volatility, which we were meant to seize as reflected in the execution of our plans.

Our multi-dimensional tools help us understand market behavior, conduct extensive research across multiple domains, and our portfolios are adjusted in response to these predictive indicators. Going forward, volatility will continue to be the order of the day and our ‘Predictive Analytics’ toolkit will help protect assets and create more opportunities in the tough years ahead.

They have been using the VLRT structure successfully. Is the performance due to him?

Over time, we’ve built a strong investment discipline that defies age-old conventions – underpinned by innovation and foresight. Our predictive analytics along with our risk mitigation investment framework VLRT (Valuation Analytics, Liquidity Analytics, Risk Appetite and Timing Analytics) is the foundation of our investment process and continues our impressive efforts to maintain an optimal portfolio mix across all schemes. Superior risk-adjusted returns. The VLRT framework has been established as an effective disaster prevention tool since September 2019, through which we have effectively navigated turbulent and highly volatile environments.

Are you planning to start new plans in the new year as all existing plans are in good shape? What categories or classes are on your mind?

We hope to continue this momentum with our continued efforts to deliver risk-adjusted returns across our current and future portfolios without compromising on any changes. Going forward, we will offer many more products in a wide range; From Thematic and Sector Equity Fund, Balanced Advantage Fund (BAF), Gilt Fund, Duration Fund, etc.

The market recently hit historic highs. However, many concerns remain. What is your review?

India has outperformed both in absolute and relative terms among global indices. We are bullish on India and recognize that the next half century belongs to India and therefore ‘Buy with DIPS’ will remain viable for Indian investors in the medium to long term.

We are well positioned to take advantage of the current opportunity and the risk profile looks attractive. We believe that Asia-centric emerging markets and India in particular will outperform developed markets and the value theme will outperform growth.

Your investments are regulated by the VLRT framework. Still, are you bullish about any sector? Where do you think action will be and what should investors watch out for?

Manufacturing India is a big theme in the current decade and thus banking (especially PSU banks), capital goods, industrials, engineering and infrastructure stocks should remain superior in the medium to long term.

What advice do you have for new investors in 2023?

Volatility will continue to be the order of the day, and the global catastrophes of the past few years seem to underline our view that crises must always precede them. The old is always replaced by the new.

New investors should register for strategic investment plans in mutual funds. They should be open to thinking that change should be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat. This way, you can continuously adjust your asset allocation mix without taking undue risks and generate healthy returns.


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