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According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has reportedly canceled its highly anticipated “M2 Extreme” Mac Pro. Mark Gurman.

Pro users have been waiting more than two years for a redesigned M-series desktop computer, with Apple missing a deadline to switch its lineup to Apple Silicon. The new M-series Mac Pro was rumored to come in two configurations, the M2 Ultra and the new ‘M2 Extreme’, doubling the power of the M2 Ultra.

The M2 Ultra is said to feature 24 CPU cores, 76 graphics cores and 192GB of RAM. The “M2 Extreme” will have 48 CPU cores and 152 graphics cores, but Apple has reportedly abandoned plans to deliver a more powerful processor.

The company has likely scrapped the top-end configuration, which might disappoint Apple’s most demanding users—photographers, editors, and programmers who appreciate this kind of computing power. The company made the decision due to the complexity and cost of manufacturing the processor, which essentially consists of four M2 Max chips. It will also help Apple and partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. conserve chip manufacturing resources for higher-volume machines.

Gourman also suggests that there were concerns about how much the “M2 Extreme” Mac Pro would cost. He estimated that the configuration without any upgrades would cost $10,000.

The new Mac Pro is expected to be based on the M2 Ultra chip, which features easy expansion from Mac Studio for additional memory, storage and other components. Apple is also working on new external displays, including an update to the Pro Display XDR. However, the new Pro Display XDR could come after the new Mac Pro, as it is further behind development.

Finally, Gurman believes that Apple will move Mac Pro assembly to Vietnam from Texas. Apple agreed to assemble the current Mac Pro in Texas due to pressure from the Trump administration. Now that Trump is out of office, Apple may be moving assembly back to Asia.

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Apple has reportedly canceled the 'M2 Extreme' Mac Pro [Gurman]


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