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Is there any comfort food better than mac and cheese? Don’t bother answering, we’ll answer: No, no.

For one, it’s incredibly versatile, and almost no two mac and cheese dishes are alike. You can experiment with the types of cheese used (the more the better), different pasta shapes, or extra savory ingredients (bacon anyone).

Mac and cheese is not uncommon in restaurants. You can throw a rock and hit the food joint that serves it. That’s what makes being crowned “the best” all the more impressive. Even more impressive is that a UPSTATE restaurant has been awarded this distinction. New York City, simply because of its sheer size, often boasts the “best” of any number of eateries in the country.

The website Tasting Table recently researched the best mac and cheese in all 50 states. So where can you find the best in New York?

Druthers Brewing Company via Facebook

Druthers Brewing Company via Facebook

With locations in Albany, Saratoga Springs and Schenectady, Druthers Brewing Co. He does something besides beer. Here’s what the tasting table says:

The best mac and cheese in New York City is hidden in New York City. Against 30 other restaurants, Druther’s Brewing Co. won first place in the 2022 Mac-N-Cheese Bowl for its signature dish (via the Times Union ). Although his menu changes with the seasons, he serves options such as his famous “Druther’s Mac” with a huge seven-cheese sauce, homemade creative Di-Gallo pasta and house-made chip and panko topping.

Next time you’re in the Capital Region, stop by Druthers and judge for yourself!

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