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Problem solvers of tomorrow from the UNLV College of Engineering are getting ready to strut their stuff and show off their technical expertise and ingenuity during the Fall 2022 Fred and Harriet Cox Senior Design Competition.

The two-year program tasks the soon-to-be engineering graduate with creating practical solutions to engineering or computer science challenges. Student-created projects are assessed by a panel of industry experts, who judge ideas based on their presentation, sustainability and potential to enter the commercial market.

On December 9 from 1:45 to 6 p.m., inventor Artemus W. Haim will be showcasing his creations inside the Concert Hall and the Blasco Event Wing of the nearby UNLV Foundation Building. The event is free and open to the public.

More than 30 student inventions will be on display during this fall’s competition, including:

rescue robot

Crisis scenarios are often too dangerous for humans to approach, but a robot can begin assisting immediately. Using GPS coordinates and superior power, a rescue robot can clear the way for human rescuers and reduce the likelihood of further casualties.

pet pal

If you struggle to control your pet’s diet and wish you could have more interaction with them when you’re away from home, Pet Pal is for you. The invention allows pets to be fed their unique servings separately with an electronically controlled lid. It also allows the pet to see its owner via camera, who can then deliver treats. And it’s all controlled through an app.

rt script

Hearing aids, pocket transcribers, and transcribers are all over the placeā€”but there is a solution. A single device that is portable and user-friendly will help people with disabilities or disabilities with speech and language in a way previously unseen in the market.

firefly breathing apparatus

Firefighters make it a profession to venture into danger to save members of their community, and it takes a serious toll. In addition to the physical dangers, health conditions from smoke inhalation can sideline our first responders (sometimes permanently). The Firefly filter cleans and cools the inhaled air, with a design that ensures comfort and durability for the most hazardous jobs.


Some of our diets require a little more finesse to satisfy, whether due to allergies or religious observances. The app lets any user aware of calories, allergies, gluten, and any other dietary restrictions find a suitable restaurant for them.

rain or shine sanctuary

Imagine booking a trip to a theme park when you end up in the rain. Half the attractions close, spoiling the fun. This is a thing of the past. A giant solar-powered shading umbrella can block rain and supply shade from intense heat, while having no impact on the scenery.

Tule Springs Runoff Mitigation

Fighting Mother Nature can be an uphill battle — or a downhill one. Tule Springs National Monument in north Las Vegas is being damaged by rainwater runoff, which has no plans. This solution would stabilize the soil upward and create a means for water flow away from the historic site.


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