Rejuvenation of Najafgarh drains: LG talks to Haryana CM about sources of pollution from state | Jobs Vox


Lieutenant Governor V.K.  Saxena

Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena | Photo credit: Shahbaz Khan

Delhi Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena on Wednesday spoke to Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal and sought help from Haryana sources to clear Najafgarh drain pollution. Raj Niwas officials said the meeting was aimed at speeding up the renovation and cleaning of drains.

According to the officials, Mr. Khattar has promised Mr. Saxena “all possible assistance.” “He said that the Haryana government will take steps to stop the pollution of feeder drains flowing from Haryana to Najafgarh drains,” the official said.

Also, during the phone call, the Haryana CM suggested a joint meeting of officials to “comprehensively resolve” the issue at once. “[The] The LG along with officials from Delhi will visit Chandigarh soon to meet Mr. Khattar and officials from Haryana,” he said.

“The Najafgarh drain, which is responsible for nearly 40% of the Yamuna’s pollution, in turn receives 36% of its pollutants from the three drains that flow from Haryana,” the official said.


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