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Rangs Electronics Limited (REL), a leading consumer electronics company, organized the “LG OLED evo and QNED series debut in Bangladesh” event in Bashundhara.

Beanus Hussain, Deputy Director, REL; Peter Yongil Ko, Managing Director of LG Electronics, Bangladesh, read a press release announcing his participation in the opening ceremony of the event. The Bangladesh branch team of LG Electronics attended along with other senior officials from Rangs Electronics.

As the FIFA World Cup football final is about to take place, this grand opening was held at Level 1 of Bashundhara. LG OLED Gallery Edition G2, OLED evo C2 and QNED series have been officially launched in Bangladesh for the first time. All new models are displayed for user experience and purchase.

All three new series will have a special opening offer of 8% off. Among them, “OLED evo C2” is the main product with amazing features.

This latest model TV features a 20% brighter screen with Alpha9 Gen 5 AI processor to play any game perfectly. Enjoy sound and music in a virtual 7.1.2 mixed object-based 3D surround sound system.

Watch TV without a remote with hands-free voice commands. Enjoy 50% less harmful blue light, a flicker-free TV viewing experience and the latest eye-comfortable screen technology with LG OLED evo C2.

Rangs Electronics has been providing official consumer products and services to the Bangladeshi market for the past 40 years. This action will be followed by human health and safety measures.


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