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hey remember how tampa bay rays Officials released extremely general renderings of the exterior of a proposed stadium for the Tropicana Park site, but claim they haven’t designed the interiors yet? Turns out this isn’t quite true:

No, I have no idea what it means to render the interior of a building that is “still to be designed,” let’s just go with this:

  • Let’s get this out of the way: They don’t need those “Rays” banners, you can tell it’s a Rays game because there are none on the seats. Thanks.
  • While the middle deck ramp appears to be somewhat rough drawn, the upper deck doesn’t even have a puke, so the only way to leave after the game would be to plunge to your death.
  • Those support pillars that cut through the upper deck don’t reach the ground, so maybe fans won’t have to wait until after the game to plunge to their deaths.
  • Think about it, hadn’t Rays officials previously told Topkin that the stadium would have 30,000 seats but no upper deck? Maybe no one is sitting there because it’s just a holographic projection?
  • This is probably nitpicking given all of the above, but it’s going to take a lot of time for the Ray Grounds crew to keep the ivy alive on that big left field wall with only a few small skylights providing natural light.

Topkin doesn’t really say where the rendering came from, so far all we know is that he designed it himself with an old copy of MLB: The Show 2006. They are just PR fluff to pull the wool over the fans’ eyes in preparation for asking for public funding or at least season ticket dollars. Wonder how it’s going so far – Oh,

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