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is pleased to announce a new Engineering and Diplomacy Fellowship in partnership with the US State Department American Society of Mechanical Engineers (like me). This new fellowship program will complement four other science and technology targeted fellowship programs in the Department, all of which bring scientific and technical experts into the foreign policy process. This fellowship further strengthens ties between the Department and the domestic scientific community and is the first new Engineering and Diplomacy Fellowship at the Department of State since 2003.

The new fellowship program with ASME is based on the premise that advances in science and technology are set to define the geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. Through participation in foreign policy discussions, fellows will help increase understanding of complex, cutting-edge scientific and engineering fields and provide advice on the broad international implications of important emerging scientific issues. In this capacity, they will bring valuable knowledge from their technical expertise and professional networks to the work of the Department and through the Department to the wider science and technology community.

The State Department continues to make science and technology a cornerstone of American policy.

For more information, please inquire with the Office of the Secretary’s Science and Technology Advisor and email [email protected].


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