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With Najafgarh drainage rehabilitation becoming a “reality”, Delhi Governor V.K. Saxena on Saturday appealed to citizens not to throw garbage directly on its shores. Saxena filed the appeal after he noticed fresh garbage dumped on the already cleaned banks while inspecting the stretch between Mall Bridge and Bharat Nagar.

“Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena Najafgarh has appealed to the people living in the colonies/settlements along the banks of the drains not to throw their garbage directly into the drains or on the banks,” the statement said.

Saxen said in a statement that people should take ownership of their precious grandfather and keep it clean as the work to restore Najafgarh drains and restore Sahibi river has started.

In the first phase between Timarpur and Bharat Nagar, cleaning and rejuvenation work was started in September under Saxena’s supervision and has started yielding tangible results, the statement added. Desilting of the Wazirabad to Timarpur drainage channel and restoration of the embankment was completed in November, while further work on the 7.5-km stretch between the Mall Road Bridge and Bharat Nagar is in full swing by mid-January. on schedule, he said.

“Anyone who visits this site can see a visible improvement and change in terms of flowing water, no underground silt, repaired and upgraded dams and drains that used to flow directly into the Najafgarh drainage system.

“Many citizens living in colonies and settlements along the banks of the canal have written to the LG Secretariat expressing their satisfaction with the initiative and their desire to actively cooperate in the rejuvenation of the drainage. Najafgarh Drainage/Sahibi River” he said

The statement said negligence and carelessness on the part of some government agencies and agencies has contributed the most to Yamuna’s pollution and has also turned the living water body into a fetid drain.

Almost 27,000 tons of surface sludge accumulated on the outer edge of the drain was removed and placed on the bank.


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