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I want to earn 50 million Birr in 5 years. I expect a 12% return over a 5-year period. My risk profile is moderately aggressive. Which mutual funds should I invest in?
–Nitin Girotra

You have unrealistic expectations of your mutual funds. You can expect returns of 12% over the long term from your equity mutual fund investments. However, you must remember that that return cannot be made in five years. If you’re lucky, you can. But don’t count on it. We do not recommend investing in equity mutual funds unless the investor has an investment horizon of at least five to seven years. If you’re only investing for five years, don’t take aggressive bets. Stick to relatively safe options like balanced gain funds, aggressive hybrid funds, etc. Balanced-benefit funds determine their equity component based on the valuations. Aggressive hybrid funds invest 65-80% in equities and the rest in debt. These plans are relatively less flexible.

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