MacBook Pro refresh coming in early 2023, M3 iMac could follow, Mac Pro still in testing: Gourmand | Jobs Vox


Looks like we’re all set for a Mac-filled 2023. We know that several Mac models will be updated, and it looks like we’ll see a few of them arrive next year. Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple journalist, gave an update on the planned Mac releases for 2023 in his latest Power On newsletter.

Gurman says the long-awaited M2 family treatment for the MacBook Pro will arrive in early 2023. He also said that we could see the M3 chip debut in 2023 with an iMac update. More Mac hardware is also in the works, though we don’t have a launch date for that yet.

MacBook and possibly iMac refreshes in 2023, while the Mac Pro is undergoing more testing


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