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Amazon is now offering the new LG DualUp 28-inch display $596.99 shipped. Normally priced at $700, today’s offer is still one of the first opportunities to save on the new version for $103 in savings. This matches an all-time low before the new 2560 x 2880 display, and is delivered before Christmas. The LG DualUp display with a unique 16:18 aspect ratio is centered around a 28-inch screen, with two 1440p resolution screens stacked on top of each other.

Since the 1990s, the vertical form factor has come with LG’s popular Ergo mount, designed to attach to your desk and adjust height or position. Along with dual HDMI 2 ports, there is also a USB-C input, which is especially suitable for MacBooks thanks to its 90W power transfer capability. If you’re somehow still not sold on the strange form factor, our hands-on review will show you where it stands on the macOS desktop.

Other LG Ergo monitors now available:

As for LG’s latest, earlier this fall we got our first look at the first foray into the Smart Monitor game. To deliver a 32-inch 4K panel, the upcoming offering will come with AirPlay 2 built right into the screen, streaming media services, a 65W USB-C connection, and the same Ergo connection as mentioned above. It is now shipping and arriving at Amazon 500 dollars price point.

LG DualUp Monitor Features:

Free up desk space with the new 16:18 rotating configuration, multitasking more efficiently, and freeing up your desk without taking up space for dual-screen displays. Explore HDR content as intended with DCI-P3 98% support. Adjust the screen to move forward or backward, rotate, flip, tilt, and more. Use the flexibility of the Ergo Stand to optimize your setup for improved productivity.

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