LG S80QR Review: “An amazing sound bar that will really enrich your gaming and movie watching experience” | Jobs Vox


Recently, simple soundbars have become the preferred solution due to their simpler setup compared to multi-speaker systems. The LG Sound Bar S80QR brings great sound enhancement to your gaming TV without the hassle of setting it up.

Priced at $1,049.99/£1,099.99, the S80QR is a sound bar with full-filling high-end speakers, a subwoofer and wireless rear speakers. At £899.99/£999.99, the S80QY is on the cheap side and drops the rear speaker package, but as you can see, you really want it. After living with the S80QR for a month, it’s easy to see why we’d call it one of the best sound systems in the game, and why you’d want it as part of your living room setup, but I’m not sure you should pay full price.

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