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LG Electronics has announced huge discounts on its latest home appliances and home entertainment products. From innovative microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers to energy-efficient washing machines and world-class TVs, this year’s Good Life Holiday Sale offers something for everyone looking to upgrade their lifestyle with great products. Here are some incentives to consider this holiday season.

The Game-Changing Door-in-Door Refrigerator

We’ve all opened the fridge door when we’re bored or looking for a midnight snack. But opening the fridge regularly consumes energy and temperature fluctuations cause fresh food to spoil faster. The new LG Instaview Door-in-door refrigerator has an innovative solution: you can check the contents of the refrigerator by knocking twice on the door, while keeping the cool air inside. The refrigerator also uses an Inverter linear compressor that reduces power consumption and motor wear. So the next time you’re feeling bitter, just knock on the door and decide what to treat your taste buds to.

The LG 611L InstaView In-Door Refrigerator will retail 45,999 rubles.

Better than a microwave oven

The LG NeoChef Convection is a 9-in-1 microwave oven that can do just about anything. From making biltong, air-frying, grilling to steaming, slow-cooking, baking, grilling, and curdling, this versatile cooking companion makes even the boldest of dishes look like cake.

Also on offer is the LG NeoChef “Solo” featuring LG’s Smart Inverter technology. By precisely adjusting the temperature, food is heated and defrosted evenly and uses energy more efficiently.

The LG 39L NeoChef Microwave Oven will retail 6,499 rubles.

The LG 42L “Solo” NeoChef Microwave Oven will retail R2,799.

Smart washing machine and dryer

With innovative appliances that use smart technology, washing and drying don’t need to be a chore. For example, LG’s 12kg front-loading washing machine features LG’s AI DD technology, which uses artificial intelligence and big data to make washing easier. It identifies the weight and fabric characteristics of each load and implements customized settings to optimize the wash cycle, saving up to 28% in energy, up to 38% faster wash times, and up to 16% less damage to clothes.

LG’s 24kg maximum load washing machine takes the hassle out of washing with powerful WaveForce and JetSpray washing technology, reducing washing time to less than 40 minutes. Its TurboWash3D feature washes clothes in all possible directions, saving up to 27% electricity and 14% water compared to conventional washing machines.

LG’s Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer is not only energy efficient but also innovative. Recycling and heating air inside instead of blowing it outside makes drying time 18% faster and saves 15% more energy.

LG 12 kg front loading washing machine will retail 13,999 rubles.

LG 24 kg top load washing machine will retail 16,999 rubles.

LG Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer will retail 14,999 rubles.

Make washing dishes a dream

Let’s be honest: most of us dread doing the dishes. But relying on a dishwasher can pay a terrible electric bill. The LG QuadWash steam dishwasher uses an Inverter Direct Drive motor that allows for more precise motor speed control, which helps increase energy efficiency. Because there are few moving parts, the motor is quiet and durable, and the motor comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

The LG QuadWash Steam Dishwasher will retail 15,999 rubles.

Energy efficient air conditioner

With electricity prices steadily rising in South Africa, finding energy efficient heating and cooling solutions is more important than ever. LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor technology allows for more precise control of the air conditioner’s power output, reducing energy consumption by up to 70% and cooling up to 40% faster than conventional compressors. It’s good now.

LG Commercial and ARTCOOL Dual Inverter 9,000 BTU Heating and Cooling Split Air Conditioners are eligible for great savings promotions.

Bring the cinema into the living room

If you’re looking for a TV to transform your living room into a world-class cinema this holiday season, look no further than LG’s OLED or QNED TVs. LG’s OLED TVs feature self-illuminating pixels that can be turned on and off individually, allowing for incredibly realistic images with perfect blacks and infinite contrast. LG’s QNED TVs, on the other hand, use Quantum Dot technology to improve color reproduction, and use NanoCell nanoparticles to filter and purify color impurities. The result? Richer, more accurate colors that take the true 4K viewing experience to new heights.

LG’s OLED 55” CS series 4K TV will retail 19,999 rubles.

LG QNED 806 Series 65” 4K TV will retail 19,999 rubles.

*These two TV deals are only valid from 12th to 26th December 2022 at select retailers.

Smart appliances, smarter life

“Smart appliances are getting smarter,” said Jinkook Kang, president of LG South Africa. By integrating many of our latest products with the ThinQ App, people can transform their lifestyles with more convenient and energy-efficient appliances and electronics that they use every day.”

Enjoy the holiday season with new home appliances and home entertainment products that make consumers’ modern lives more innovative and energy efficient with these great deals during the Holiday Sale for Life’s Best.


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