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Kraft Family, Patriots Foundation Hosts Holiday Party

Kraft Family, Patriots Foundation Hosts Holiday Party


BOSTON — Everyone in Patriots land is a little angry these days. Losing a last-second, ill-advised, two-way turnover instead of going to overtime can have that effect.

Even though Julian Edelman is no longer in uniform, he certainly wasn’t happy with what he saw.

And in a discussion on “Inside The NFL” on Paramount+, Edelman showed his disdain for the Patriots’ on-field actions went beyond that final game.

Fellow “Inside The NFL” panelist Ray Lewis commented on Mack Jones’ inability to tackle Chandler Jones after the fatal turnover.

“But look at Mack Jones, just sit down! I’ve never seen a grown man sit down like that. I’m serious,” Lewis said. “Never put a quarterback in the athlete category. The man sits.”

Edelman agreed that Mack should do more.

“The season is on its way,” Edelman said. “You have to lose it.”

When panelist Brandon Marshall pointed out that Mack Jones never practices scrimmage, Edelman made some pretty direct comments about how the quarterback handled himself during that game.

“You know what, he also doesn’t practice gimmicks after games and he doesn’t take the coaches and these little sly faces and stuff. Like he doesn’t practice and do that,” Edelman said. “Why can’t you handle it? It’s bad.”

Jones Field Theater has provided plenty of fodder for Boston sports radio in recent weeks and months, as the second-year quarterback hasn’t been shy about showing his frustrations with the coaching staff during games. Whether it was not calling plays on time, taking timeouts, or delay of game penalties, the problems certainly abounded.

And while the quarterback has good reason to be frustrated with a coaching setup that isn’t working, the outbursts and gesticulations clearly offended some viewers.


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