High inventories drive down prices of some engineering resins | Jobs Vox


In recent months, higher-than-normal inventories at the processor level have caused prices of many North American engineering resins to decline.

Since September, regional prices for polycarbonate are down an average of 11 cents per pound, according to sources. plastic news, Prices in the region are down an average of 12 cents per pound for Nylon 6, with Nylon 6/6 prices down 22 cents and ABS prices down 13 cents.

“People are still working out of inventory, but buyers are saying they had inventory and it’s just getting to the point that inventory has been reduced,” said a source. “In the first quarter [of 2023]They will buy again at lower prices.”

The automotive sector is a major end market for many engineering resins. Auto production is expected to grow by about 5 percent in the first quarter, which should boost demand for engineering resins, the source said.

The source said demand from instrumentation and electrical/electronics — two other important engineering resin markets — is expected to be down slightly in the quarter.


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