Former SpaceX engineer Steve Davis may replace Elon Musk on Twitter | Jobs Vox

This reporting is first from an insider article.

Davis had been living at the Twitter headquarters for the past two months as Elon Musk’s representative. The future Twitter leader is a staunch employee, even bringing his wife and newborn child to work right after the birth of their first child. They all slept together in one office.

Steve Davis, a rocket scientist from the beginning of SpaceX Falcon series rocket construction and launches, has led a very varied life. Owned a yogurt shop, which he sold for $1 USD. and once who was named “Thomas Foolery”.

In the present day with the new father and husband still running The Boring Company, Elon Musk is trying to relieve traffic jams by building tunnels under major cities. It hasn’t come to fruition yet, but many cities are considering it.

For the past two months, Davis has been living at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, California. He has been the proxy head of Twitter, standing in for Elon Musk.

While Davis isn’t being held responsible for any of the changes at Twitter, he’s been doing what Elon Musk’s employees do, for a long time.

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