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Disk Drill has been widely adopted as a versatile data recovery tool for a wide range of storage devices. This is also because it supports the recovery of almost all forms of data, regardless of the scenarios that lead to data loss. That’s especially why we recommend using Disk Drill for all your data recovery needs, whether on Windows or Mac.

Additionally, Disk Drill is fully optimized for macOS Ventura, including the latest M2-powered Macs. It’s a good thing that the latest M2-powered Macs have the ability to predict how well your data will be saved and can also reconstruct new file formats.

A new version of Disk Drill that supports the latest macOS Ventura recovery, iPhones and iPads with the latest iOS and iPadOS 16 was released on the 15th.e day of November 2022. This version comes with many features and enhancements that make it one of the best Mac OS Ventura compatible data recovery software that you can use to get the best data recovery results and experience.

Here are some key highlights for Disk Drill 5 for Mac 5

  • Up to 30% higher data recovery rate
  • Full compatibility with macOS Ventura, iOS and iPadOS 16
  • Characteristics of recovery chance prediction
  • Supports new photo and video file formats
  • Data recovery from Windows and Linux software RAID arrays
  • New modular user interface
  • Virtual hard disk is supported in VHD and VHDX formats
  • Cross-platform scan session management

Market updates

Apple makes regular product updates that make them significantly more powerful and capable than previous versions. Market updates are good news for any app user because it means you can now do more than you could with older versions.

Regardless of the price, updates will make any Android product more versatile than the previous version. For example, even if you’re still using Apple’s cheapest yet most current MacBook, you’ll still be able to edit high-definition videos or audio. In the past, such tasks were only possible with expensive desktops.

This enhancement means regular Mac users can now handle more file formats than ever before. As a result, they need more versatile tools with the ability to recover file formats such as professionally recorded video. As mentioned earlier, Disk Drill 5 supports a wider range of file formats with the ability to recover over 450 file formats. Thus, you get the ability to adequately handle Google Pixel Motion Photos, Canon RAW images, RED Cinema videos, Insta360 and many other new file formats.

These and other performance improvements give Disk Drill 5 for Mac extra power and the ability to recover up to 30% more data. This is a big improvement considering that its predecessor – Disk Drill 4 already outperforms almost all of its close competitors.

It’s also worth noting that Disk Drill 5’s Quick Scan and Deep Scan features are now super fast. In addition, you can now perform data recovery directly from the RAID array, mount, scan, recover RAW files from SD cards, and even delete files from virtual hard drives are available.

The best data recovery experience

Consumers consider various factors when choosing data recovery software. Most of these factors revolve around the user experience of the software.

The ability to find lost files and restore them is not enough. If this is not supported by a commendable user experience, new users with zero experience may not appreciate the app.

Disk Drill 5 for Mac takes all of these factors into account when updating it so that users are not left behind. The modern user interface introduced in Disk Drill 4 is polished to provide the best experience today.

In Disk Drill 5, the user interface has been fully modularized to accommodate a wide range of additional tools for an improved user experience. Remember, all new tools are free for users! Let’s take a look at some of these tools below:

  • Delete free space
  • Cleaning
  • Data shredder
  • Byte by byte backup
  • Find duplicates
  • Data protection
  • macOS installer with the ability to download the OS from the Internet

Recovery Chance Prediction is another feature that greatly enhances the Disk Drill 5 user experience. With this feature, you can predict the percentage of lost files that the software will recover. This is an amazing tool that you won’t find in any other memory card recovery tool.

In addition, the tool comes with advanced filters and sorting options, improved file labeling, and advanced preview functionality. These features make sure that you find the files you want and can quickly and accurately select them from the screen for recovery.

And just when you think we’ve mentioned everything that Disk Drill by CleverFiles brings to your user experience, it’s just awesome to learn that you can now save and transfer your scan sessions between macOS and Windows! This means you can comfortably start scanning on one computer and finish on another without losing your session or your data.

Affordable price

The free version of Disk Drill 5 gives you the ability to review recovery methods, create backups of failed drives, and enable data loss protection with Recovery Vault, among many other actions.

Disk Drill 5 for Mac follows the same freemium pricing model that has long been the CleverFiles brand. This allows you to easily upgrade to the Pro version, which is available for $89. It is available to recover files on Mac and Windows.


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