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December 20, 2022, 1:04 p.m IST

New Delhi [India]December 20 (ANI): Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena has ordered the Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi government to pay Rs 97 crore as compensation for publishing AAP’s political advertisements as “government advertisements”.
The LG, in its order to the chief secretary on Monday, directed that all advertisements after September 2016 be referred to the State Content Regulations for Advertisements (CCRGA) for review and verification of compliance with the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court.
He also requested that the money spent on the committee be recovered illegally.
“He asked that Shabdart – a government agency set up by the Kejriwal government, currently employs 35 people out of the total 38 authorized officers on contract/outsourced basis, instead of private individuals. The finances of Shabdart since its inception should also be probed,” the statement added. said.
LG Saxena directed the Chief Secretary to implement the orders of the Supreme Court-appointed CCRGA Committee and the Directorate of Information and Publicity (DIP) GNCTD on September 16, 2016, ordering AAP to pay Rs 97.14 crore. 69,137, plus the cost of political advertisements dressed in government advertisement uniforms will be paid to the state exchequer, an official statement said.
“This is a gross misappropriation of government funds for the benefit of a political party, and it is also disrespectful to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court,” he added.
The Supreme Court, in its order dated May 13, 2015, issued guidelines to regulate government advertisements and eliminate wasteful expenditure on a writ petition to “prohibit the Union and all state governments of India from using public funds for government advertisements”. basically to project government and political party officials and issue appropriate guidelines from this court.”

“According to this order dated 13.05.2015 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, by the order dated 06.04.2016, the Government of India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting established the State Content Regulatory Commission for Advertisements (CCRGA) with three members. to eliminate wasteful expenditure,” a statement issued by the LG office added, adding that the Government Content Regulations for Advertisements (CCRGA) has issued an order to examine the advertisements published by the DIP and identify specific advertisements published by the GNCTD. They have “flagrantly violated” the guidelines laid down by the apex court and directed DIP, GNCTD to account for the amount spent on such advertisements and seek compensation from AAP.
The CCRGA order found that more than Rs 97 crore was spent on non-conforming advertisement accounts in violation of the SC order.
“Out of which Rs.42,26,81,265/- (Rupees Forty Two Crores Twenty Six Lakhs Eighty One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Five) has already been released by DIP while Rs.54,87,87,872/- (Rupees Fifty Four Crores Eighty Seven Lakhs Only) eighty-seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-two) pending payment for published advertisements … “said.
On investigation of the complaint in this regard, it was found that the DIP not only did not collect the compensation of Rs.42,26,81,265 but also actively paid the pending amount of Rs.54,87,87,872. Charge same as ordered by AAP.
“In 08 cases Rs.20.53 Crores (Approx.) have been explained and paid with reference to Court / Arbitral Award. Further, Dey. CM, Minister in-charge Manish Sisodia and also Finance Minister, no dispute, no direction from Delhi High Court / Supreme Court 27 Crores (approx.) by fraudulently agreeing to pay Rs.” said.
By the way, 61 out of 90 suo motu settlement acts of UDBET have not been signed by the relevant officials, but the payment is still released.
The statement further cites the case of the advertisement of the Biodegradation Project as an example of wasteful expenditure in violation of the Supreme Court order: The total cost of the Biodegradation Project was Rs 41.62 crore, but the expenditure was spent on advertisement. It was Rs 16.94 crore, “40 times more” than the project cost.
“All this was done by the AAP and its ministers by taking highly illegal steps which led to the formation of a committee to probe the violation of the Supreme Court guidelines. This itself was illegal because the committee appointed by the Govt. As per the Supreme Court order, all Govt advertisements, as well as the announcements issued from Union Territories such as Delhi have been given authority and power,” the ex-LG also pointed out that the country’s Constitution had been dismissed. Arvind Kejriwal’s said committee led the government, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) again informed and pardoned. (ANI)


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