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Hello. I recently needed a new Mac mini for some work projects. My beloved 2009 Mac Pro 5.1 is still my workstation for music production, which is also part of my work. The MP has about 10 drives connected (internal and external USB – mechanical and SSD – some of them for backup) and is meticulously configured and organized for my music work. This includes apps and add-ons that are transferred to their assets on these drives, both from within the apps/add-ons and via symbolic links.

So I wanted to see if I could somehow keep this setup but be able to access everything from my Mac mini and avoid having to reconfigure all those locations…because it’s years of organizing to get everything the way I need it and also work properly and optimally .

For example, installing Logic Pro on a mini would require reinstalling all my plugins… and then going into each one and reassigning asset locations (even if I point my MP drives to, say, a network) . Is there a way to just use everything installed on my MP via the mini? Almost like remote desktop, I guess that’s what I’m thinking. thanks!

MacPro late 2009 5.1
Latest current version of High Sierra


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