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Active management’s market share in the currency exchange sector is growing rapidly. In an uncertain year driven by high inflation and market volatility, active ETF assets have grown by $121 billion this year. To reach 341 billion dollars in 2022 (including mutual fund conversions). Although total ETF assets fell by $290 billion.

All told, active ETFs account for only 4% of total assets in the space It accounted for 14% of the total net ETF inflows this yearTheir highest score to date. And according to Eric Balchunas, senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, that doesn’t even include convertible assets.

Actively managed ETFs have generated more than $73 billion in invested capital, representing an organic growth rate of 25% for actively managed ETFs. morning star. This means that this segment grew three times faster than the overall ETF.

“The rise of actively managed ETFs comes as no surprise to market watchers. Major active mutual fund providers have entered the ETF fray by changing or hedging existing mutual fund strategies or adding new strategies,” writes Brian Armor, North American director of conservative strategies at Morningstar Research Services. Efficiency was an immediate win for investors in these strategies. Accepting more holdings transparency was a big deal for active managers, but ultimately another win for investors.

Todd Rosenbluth, head of research at VitaFi, said, “With active ETFs, advisors benefit from in-depth research efforts that enable them to outperform management. While this has been the norm for decades using mutual funds, asset managers have offered some of their best strategies to advisors to use with ETFs’ unique liquidity and tax efficiency benefits.

T. Rowe Price a A collection of actively managed ETFs and has over 80 years of investment experience working with companies in the field conducting research, leveraging risk management and employing an experienced team of portfolio managers with an average of 22 years of experience.

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