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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Whether you have a love or hate relationship with fast food, the fact is we all eat it.

don’t we believe A survey by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that one in three Americans eats fast food every day.

We’ve all found ourselves sitting in the drive-thru line wondering if we should go with the old “tried and true” or something different.

Over the past year, reporters Brenda Cain and Yadi Rodriguez have completed a fast-food journey, looking at the most popular foods at every local chain and evaluating everything from fried chicken sandwiches to mac ‘n’ cheese.

We’ve collected all our gastronomic conquests here, so when you — and your friends — are considering lunch or a quick dinner, you can check out our thoughts to help you decide.

Ditch Burger

Have you had enough of red meat and just want to bite into a juicy, tender chicken sandwich? We’ve got you covered.

We split the search for the perfect chicken sandwich into three.

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Hey baby! It’s cold outside!

With the arrival of winter, we are all looking for a way to escape the cold. Nothing hits the spot like a hearty bowl of chili. In Northeast Ohio, nine fast food chains offer chili on the menu, and we’ve tried them all.

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Fish tales

It’s not all burgers at fast food restaurants. The fish sandwich has long been a staple of fast food restaurants. We fixed fish sandwiches in 15 chains and then taste-tested tuna sandwiches in a different spin in 10 subchains.

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Few things are as satisfying as a perfectly grilled hot dog on a hot summer day or at the gym.

But if you’re running errands that day and find yourself at a fast-food joint — but not feeling like a burger — there are several burger chains that offer grilled hot dog options.

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Mac ‘n Cheese anyone?

Let’s take a look. There are days when you just need a steaming bowl of sweet comfort – aka mac ‘n’ cheese. Making it from scratch can be time-consuming, and sometimes you just don’t feel like the blue and yellow box.

We’ve found 10 fast food restaurants that offer refreshing goodness.

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Chicken salads

As more and more Americans try to clean up their diets, fast food manufacturers have responded with an unusual menu option: salad. No one will blame you if you have an unfavorable opinion of fast food chicken salad. But the best Cleveland team at still wondered if fast food chicken salad options would keep you feeling full and energized while still satisfying your taste buds.

We hit the road and visited six popular fast food joints in Northeast Ohio to try as many fast food chicken salads as we could. A total of 19 were found.

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sub wars

It’s amazing how a delectable meat, cheese, vegetable, and seasoning (or several) can be so magical when combined with two slices of bread, or, in this case, a sub roll. Whether you call it a hoag, a submarine sandwich, or a hero, there’s no denying that these double-sized sandwiches are something to crave.

When we visited local sub shops, we were always asked what their biggest seller was — and without exception, they all answered Italian or Meatball. Of course we should try both!

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The most important meal of the day

Whether you’re running late or just don’t feel like making something before you leave the house, there are days when a fast food sandwich can make all the difference, so we set out on a quest to find out which fast food chain offers a delicious breakfast classic: the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich.

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