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Important stakeholders of the Labor Party in Bayelsa State on Thursday staged a protest in Yenagoa over the state government’s refusal to hold local government elections in the state.

The term of office of elected local government council chairmen in the state expired on August 14, 2022, and the councils are currently chaired by chiefs of staff.

The placard-carrying LP protesters led by Christopher Timi-Ogosi complained that the grassroots were being denied development due to the government’s inability to hold local government polls.

He accused Governor Duye Diri of interfering in the activities of the local government councils, stressing the need to review the state constitution to ensure the democratic autonomy of the councils.

He lamented that “democracy in local government councils in the state is unstable due to some factors such as the unnecessary delay in holding elections under the prosperity administration of Governor Duye Diri of Bayelsa state”.

The PDP candidate from Sagbama local government, Timi-Ogosi, said, “Therefore, I call on Governor Duye Diri and the Independent Electoral Commission of Bayelsa State to put in place the necessary equipment and conduct the local government elections. , can receive dividends.

“We all know that not holding elections reduces the size of local governments and undermines local development. The government should be a supporter of growth, not an obstacle.

“BYSIEC’s delay in conducting the election is contrary to Section 26 (a) of the Electoral Act, and it is illegal for unelected persons to hold council positions, dispose of local government funds and appropriate funds, which hinders grassroots development.

“We have made observations, raised questions and given no answers as to why the election was not held without a real reason.”

Also, the LP secretary in Sagbama LGA, Stephen Morris, said rural residents were not happy with the lack of local government polls by the state government, adding that the development of the state cannot be complete without paying attention to rural development. region.

Morris said, “We want the governor of Bayelsa state to conduct the local government elections. Bayelsa state is for everyone. He cannot develop Bayelsa state alone and the state must rely on the nation for development.

“Without grassroots leadership, there is no development or governance.”

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