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It’s been three years since the Mac Pro was replaced. Back then, Harry Styles was days away from releasing his hugely popular second album, the first Pakatan Harapan government was still in power, and the term “corona” was still more closely associated with Mexican lager than a devastating pandemic that would only hit the world. after a month.

Here’s how much the world has changed since then. In the period that followed, Apple updated a number of computers with its own processors, upending longtime partner Intel. When the company announced the move at WWDC 2020, it said it would take two years for Apple to transition to Silicon — a milestone that’s long overdue. To this day, the Mac Pro sits alongside the high-spec Mac Mini as the only Intel-powered Macs still on sale.

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman said the delay in introducing the Mac Pro to Apple Silicon depends on several factors. This includes changes in its characteristics, the silicon itself and even the place of production.

Originally, the Mac Pro was supposed to come in two configurations, one with two M1 Max chips (eventually named the M1 Ultra) and one with double the computing power. Apple finally decided to release the Ultra in the Mac Studio and postpone the Mac Pro for the M2 generation. It then planned to sell the Pro with the M2 Ultra, which featured up to 24 CPU cores, 76 GPU cores and an available 192GB of RAM.

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Atop this model would be a dual Ultra chip, which Gurman has dubbed the “M2 Extreme,” containing 48 CPU cores and a whopping 152 GPU cores. However, Apple likely scrapped the chip due to complexity and cost – the latter of which could push the price of the Mac Pro past US$10,000 (about RM44,255) without any upgrades, which would have greatly reduced its market appeal.

Discontinuing the M2 Extreme will have the added side benefit of freeing up chipmaker TSMC’s manufacturing capacity for higher-volume products. Instead, the new Mac Pro offering will only be in M2 Ultra form, and will match the current model’s ability to boast up to 8TB of storage and a huge. 1.5 TB RAM, you will still be able to easily install additional memory, memory and other components. However, good luck spending RM100,000 or more, Apple is paying the maximum for RAM.

Apple is also moving Mac Pro production from China—final assembly takes place in the U.S. for American consumers—to Vietnam. The ASEAN country already makes some AirPods and may soon build MacBooks and Apple Watches as well, so it seems like a logical move for Cupertino. So far, there’s still no indication of when we can expect the new Mac Pro, but it’s expected to arrive before the new (and probably very expensive) external monitors.


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