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Annie Mac has had a USB drive containing “a decade’s worth of music” stolen from her booth. club night last week.

Filmed on December 9, the former BBC Radio 1 DJ asks the person to return the USB and he claims “there will be no consequences”.

Mac was a DJ at HERE in London as part of it New club night series until midnightwhich is intended for “people who need to sleep”.

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In a statement, Annie Mac said: “The music on this USB is really precious and very important to me. This is years and years of collected music from shows I’ve done all over the world and it would mean a lot to me if you could please return it. There will be no consequences, I just want the music back. Thank you. Annie”.

The USB can be returned anonymously to Locket / Goodlife Management, FAO/Annie Mac, 3rd Floor, 11-13 Market Square, London W1W8AH.

When the new series starts, people get excited from 7pm to midnight and the tickets for this particular evening are sold out within minutes.

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As Mack previously said of the series: “Until midnight it’s a chance to play long DJ sets of all my favorite records, records that bring joy, and a chance to have all the fun and euphoria and wild abandon. You need a good night’s sleep anyway.”

Yesterday, he announced on social media ten more shows before midnight in the UK and Ireland in 2023, with tickets available on Friday.

Check out all the dates until midnight 2023 below.

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