After LG’s nod, the ‘Correct’ policy will be notified in Delhi soon | Jobs Vox

Avinash Prabhakar

New Delhi, December 22 (IANS): Delhi Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena approved the Right-of-Way (RoW) policy statement for underground and above-ground telecommunication infrastructure critical for digitization, wiring and smooth rollout of 5G networks in the national capital. The LG secretariat said on Thursday.

“32 states and UTs have already notified their respective RoW policies, but the national capital has not. However, the Delhi LG has removed the notification sent directly to him by the Chief Secretary. It is mandatory to follow. The Indian Telegraph Rules, 2016 are National Wide was intended to facilitate the implementation of the broadcast mission, but the policy has stalled beyond 2020 due to the nonsensical and persistent politicization of the AAP government and its ministers,” the source said.

The RoW policy was supposed to be notified retrospectively, but after the Indian government notified the Indian Telegraph Rules in 2016, the AAP government decided to draft the policy in January 2020.

However, Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia has returned the file to the urban development department to inform the policy back, saying that “there are overlaps and conflicts between local bodies, administrative bodies, jurisdictions and licensing authorities”. clearly defined and identified,” the source added in July 2022.

When the file was sent to him again in September, Sisodia “mixed it with personal documents and sent it to the law department for re-examination,” the source said.

After that, when the file, duly vetted by the law department, came to Sisodia through Law Minister Kailash Gahlot on November 1, he again flagged it to the urban development secretary without any reason, sources said.

Meanwhile, due to the urgency of the matter, the phased rollout of 5G, the upcoming G20 summit, Delhi’s neighboring states and all other states and UTs notifying their policies, this file is dated November 23. In connection with making a notification according to LG directly given by the Secretary General.

LG has agreed to the policy announcement and is expected to announce it soon, sources said.

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