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Jervois, a global supplier of cobalt products, has appointed AFRY to provide basic engineering, environmental permitting and conduct a credible feasibility study to expand its cobalt refinery capacity in Kokkola, Finland. The assignment is expected to be completed in Q3 2023.

To meet the increased demand, especially in the battery sector and especially in electric vehicles), Jervois is now planning to expand its cobalt refinery production capacity at the Kokkola Industrial Park in Finland. Jervois Finland Oy, a subsidiary of Australian Jervois Global Limited, is a leading supplier of high quality cobalt-based products, serving the EV battery market and other industries. The statement said: “With more than 50 years of experience in cobalt chemical production, Jervois Finland Oy has a track record in environmental leadership, sustainability and responsible sourcing.”

The planned expansion will increase annual refinery capacity from 6,250 tonnes to at least 12,250 tonnes of refined cobalt. The expansion will be aligned with Jervois Finland Oy’s recently announced 2035 net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions and will also enhance Jervois Finland’s important role in circular cobalt closed-loop recycling, where cobalt material is sent to Jervois for regeneration. is returned.

AFRY’s assignment includes complete basic engineering, environmental permitting, including coordination of a public Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and compilation of the overall Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS). Basic engineering and related BFS provide the information and estimation of investment value needed to make the final investment decision. The assignment will provide the necessary information and investment value estimates for Jervois to make a final investment decision.

“Battery minerals, such as cobalt, underpin the European energy transition needed to achieve climate goals. Jervois has strong ambitions to continue supporting Europe’s sustainability goals. will be able to take advantage of best-in-class local know-how and an advanced sustainable operational footprint,” says Sami Kalloinen, Managing Director of Jervois Finland.

“We are honored to partner with Jervois on this project to expand the production of cobalt-based products in Finland. Together with Jervois, we can develop a modern refinery design to secure critical mineral supply chains. which underlines the energy transition and climate goals. AFRY’s commitment to sustainable mining and metals industry principles and using the best available technologies enables Jervois to reach their high environmental and sustainability standards ,” says Kalle Rasinmäki, AFRY’s Head of Process Industries in Finland.


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