5 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier | Jobs Vox

Disabling an app shouldn’t be a chore, but if you’re using it in full screen, it’s a problem. First, you need to drag the cursor to the top edge to find the three colored buttons. Once there, you tap the red “Close” button to close the active application window. There is an easier way to do this with shortcuts.

There is an answer Command + Q. This shortcut not only closes the app but also kills its background activity. Normally, when you press the app’s red close button, it closes the app’s window, but the icon still remains in the dock at the bottom. This shortcut removes that durability.

After you are done Command + Q With the gesture, the app won’t stay in the dock. The next time you launch, the in-app activity will start over. So, make sure the app has an auto-save feature before you hit the Command + Q shortcuts, otherwise you might lose the progress you were making.

If the app is stuck and not responding to Command + Q shortcuts, try it Command + Option + Q to force him to leave her. It is a slightly modified version Command + Option + Escapewhich allows you to skip several applications at once.

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