3 Top Performing Mutual Funds to Consider for Your Retirement Portfolio – Dec 19, 2022 | Jobs Vox


There is no wrong time to invest in mutual funds for retirement. So, if you are still looking for the best mutual fund, Zacks Mutual Fund Rank can be a great guide.

The easiest and most reliable way to assess the quality of a mutual fund over time is by analyzing its performance, diversification and fees. The Zacks Mutual Fund Ranking, which covers more than 19,000 mutual funds, helped us identify three top options that are perfect for any long-term investor’s retirement-focused portfolio.

Let’s take a look at some of our top-rated mutual funds with low fees.

BNY Mellon Natural Resources I (DLDRX Free Report) 0.91% expense ratio and 0.75% management fee. DLDRX is a Sector-Energy mutual fund, covering a wide range of dynamic and critical industries in this huge global sector. With annualized returns of 16.83% over the past five years, this fund is a winner.

Fidelity Fund K (FFDKX Free Report) stands out among its peers. FFDKX is part of the large-cap mix segment, and these mutual funds typically invest in companies with market capitalizations of $10 billion or more. By investing in large companies, these funds offer more stability, and are often suitable for investors with a “buy and hold” mindset. With a five-year annualized performance of 11.14%, an expense ratio of 0.37% and a management fee of 0.31%, this diversified fund is an attractive buy with a strong track record of performance.

JPMorgan large capital increase R2 (JLGZX Free Report) 1.19% expense ratio and 0.45% management fee. JLGZX is a great capital growth option; These mutual funds buy shares in several large US companies that are expected to build and grow faster than other large stocks. With a five-year annualized return of 14.95%, this fund is a well-diversified fund with a long history of success.

These examples highlight the fact that there are surprisingly good mutual funds out there. If your mentor is in good hands, bravo! If not, you may need to have a talk.


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