YouTube makes setting up AMAs easier: this is an AMA

AMAs are becoming increasingly popular. It’s no longer something that only Reddit does with celebrities: companies use it in their internal communication and individuals use their social media for an AMA. YouTube is now going to make it easier to set up a live AMA. This is what such an Ask Me Anything is all about.

Ask Me Anything

An Ask Me Anything is actually exactly what it says: someone sits down and people can send in questions via the chat, which that person will then answer. That can be a question about an outfit, but also a very deep question. It is whatever you want: although it is of course up to that person whether or not to answer. Think of it like the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on a website: what questions do people ask and what is your answer?

YouTube’s live Q&A capability is now being introduced and will allow you to get questions from people faster. After all, it’s a bit embarrassing when you’re ready, but no one asks a question. YouTube makes that easier: as soon as you start a Q&A session, a message will appear at the top of your chat to let you know that it is a question-answer session and people can send you their questions.

Closer to your audience

When people start asking lots of questions, you can pin the question you want to answer at the top of your chat. When that is ready, you pin another question that is temporarily at the top. Don’t want to be in the Q&A setting anymore, but still want to be live? Then you can see a normal chat room again in the same session with one push of a button.

With this new Ask Me Anything feature, you can communicate with your audience faster and in a more targeted way. If someone joins in later, they will see the question you are answering at the top, which in turn ensures less noise on the line. This opportunity won’t make you money right away, but a better connection with your audience will make people more likely to donate your money. Above all, it is just that little bit clearer, also for yourself, what you are doing. Q&A sessions can be hugely popular, throwing the questions into the chat like a tidal wave.

New YouTube tool

With the new tools from YouTube you have the opportunity to create some more order in the chaos and you are less likely to forget questions. It is a pity that you can only pin one question, instead of having to put down a whole row so that you don’t forget a certain question that came up too quickly. That in position 1 is the question that you are answering at that moment, but that people will also see whether their question is still being answered.

Otherwise there is a chance that people will continue to spam their question in the chat and that is also annoying. In short, YouTube’s new capability could use some improvement, but it’s welcome that YouTube recognizes that the popularity of AMAs can also increase the popularity of people who decide to use YouTube as their streaming channel.

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