YouTube makes commercials for videos much longer

Tired of watching two commercials before your YouTube video starts? You can wet your chest. YouTube has changed something, so you now have ten (10!) to choose from.


The internet has been in turmoil this weekend as YouTube tweaked something you’d almost think was a technical glitch. Several people report that they have to watch as many as ten commercials before the video they are trying to watch starts.

The video platform has now been working for years to force people to subscribe in a not always pleasant way. If you pay YouTube money every month, then you do not have to see those advertisements. It once started with the occasional commercial that you could almost always skip, then it became two, then they got even longer, then it became three and now it even shoots up to ten minutes.

Push Premium

YouTube has also shown the same commercials over and over for a long time, which also has an enormous effect on the irritation. In the meantime, that has decreased somewhat, but it is clearly looking for a new way to ‘infuse’ people into a subscription to YouTube Premium. The ten (10!) ads can’t be skipped either. Fortunately, however, it has not yet changed in all people; it seems to be a ‘small’ group of users.

According to the spokesperson for Google Netherlands (against, the experiment is already over. What happened next is unknown. However, we can read from the reactions on the internet that it is not exactly a popular experiment, so the hope is that YouTube will not continue with this.

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