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Best Buy Upgrade+ is a subscription that allows customers to upgrade their Macs after paying for three years, and now it includes two new models.

Best Buy’s Upgrade+ program allows customers to pay their bills Mac monthly and upgrade to the latest model after three years of payments and now includes the desktop M1 iMac and Mac Studio. The subscription debuted in October 2022 with support for MacBooks, but desktop Macs could not be purchased under the program. Although it can be considered a subscription, it works more like an installment plan. Customers essentially get a line of credit through Citizens Pay and instead of making final payments, they can upgrade to a new device after three years to continue the plan.

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Starting in December 2022, the Best Buy Upgrade+ program has been expanded to include two desktop Apple Silicon Macs – the M1 iMac and the Mac Studio. A notable exception to the program is the M1 Mac mini — the only current Apple Silicon desktop not included — but that’s likely due to the computer’s low MSRP, which starts at just $699. M1 iMac subscriptions via Upgrade+ start at just over $28 per month, while Mac Studio subscriptions start at over $43 per month.

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How Best Buy’s Upgrade+ for Mac works

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The Upgrade+ program is designed for customers who want a low monthly payment and the ability to upgrade their vehicle every few years. However, that’s not the only way to use a Best Buy Upgrade+ subscription. After three years of payment, the customer has three options – return the device, keep the device and cancel the subscription, or renew and continue the subscription.

After 36 months of payments, there is a 37th payment, which is the difference between the installments paid and the typical MSRP of the device. For the base model iMac and Mac Studio, the payment 37 is $286 and $440, respectively. However, customers only need to make the final payment if they decide to keep their device and end their subscription. Customers can choose to return or upgrade their device, in which case final payment will be made by Best Buy.

Especially for desktop machines, the benefits of an Upgrade+ subscription are clear – users can get a new machine for a low price every month, with the flexibility to upgrade after three years. However, since consumers open a line of credit and must pass a credit check before signing up, there are downsides. Taking out a line of credit to pay for a Mac isn’t the best decision for everyone, and there may be more attractive options available. Still, Best Buy Upgrade+ is the first subscription service of its kind, and it offers a unique way to buy and upgrade Mac Desk every three years.

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